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Style is timeless
and very important
for every gentleman

If you want to have a distinctive look, a bespoke garment is exactly what you need. Bespoke is something that is made by a tailor according to your individual specifications. It can serve you even 20-30 years with proper care. Bespoke clothes are unique, made especially for one person and suits him perfectly. It goes without saying that custom made attire is much better than any ready-to-wear item. You choose everything – the style, the fabric, the fit.

A bespoke garment has its character and at the same time emphasizes your personality; it is luxury of the highest quality.
As some studies show, dressing up can change your own physiology and behavior; it makes you feel more confident and powerful. If you have a bespoke garment, you have something that no one else has, you feel unique. Fit is everything, for it shows your body in the most flattering way. In the past, every garment was hand-made.

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The first tailoring business was opened in London in the late 1500s by Robert Baker. He became a garment-maker for the court of King James I.

19th century London was the capital of the first world in that period and was effectively one big tailor shop. Everybody considered English-style and cloth as the top of elegance, just as France became the leader in the world of woman’s wear. Everything changed in the 1950s when technologies improved and let people create more budget ready-to-wear items. Bespoke was a norm before and suddenly became an exception. Men’s tailoring became mostly concentrated in London and Italy.

Both London and Naples offer very diverse styles and silhouettes. We can see some differences between a suit made in Naples and a suit made in London, and what you see is the result of different approaches. Tailors from London mostly aim to make you look like a gentleman from the British upper classes, while a Napoli tailor doesn’t think about a class association, he just wants to make you look attractive and distinctive.

Our primary goal at Pietrocola Bespoke is to create unique garments for every customer, fulfilling all their needs and wishes.

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In Absolute Bespoke we design and create unique tailor made clothes for men. Through our International Private Agenda we cover the cities of New York, Mexico City, London, Moscow, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Los Angeles, Bangkok, and many more very soon. From AB House located in Madrid, Spain, we receive daily locals and foreign clients always booking an appointment. If you need further information or request an appointment please do not hesitate to contact us, it will be a pleasure being helpful.

Bespoke Garment

Check out our bespoke clothing selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our best tailors



You can order a shirt for every occasion, whether you are going to a business meeting, the office or any special event.



A bespoke suit made just for you – this is what we call a real luxury. It is like a second skin, a garment that shows your proportions, taste and personality.


A bespoke coat is necessary for every gentleman. It keeps you warm and stylish during the cold seasons and can help you make a perfect first impression on people.


We use only the finest Italian and British fabrics, including silk, cashmere or wool; only you decide which one to choose.


Tailor-made pants offer the best balance between comfort and fit. Having a bespoke garment will make a positive impact on the way you look


We can create a tie for any occasion based on your specifications. A hand-cut custom made tie will make you look different; it will become an ideal part of the outfit.


Check out our sartorial collection selection for the very best in unique garments inspired by Alessandro Rocco Pietrocola’s style.

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