“I have been into business since I was 20 years old, and I have always liked men’s style and stylish clothes.”


“At the beginning of my career it was quite difficult for me to afford the style I wished, but I never give up and today I’m very proud to present you my own production.“
A.R. Pietrocola

“I had the idea of my personal brand in my head for many years, and it was quite a long road for me to arrive to create Pietrocola Bespoke.”

Our brand was inspired by Neapolitan Tailoring. Neapolitan tailoring history started 700 years ago when the Confraternita dell’arte dei Giubbonai e Cositori (the Brotherhood of the Jacket Makers and of the Tailors) was founded.
They were the first to make ready-to-wear garments in Naples, which were later delivered to the noblemen and royals. After a short period of decline starting the late 19th century, the Neapolitan Tailoring recreated itself to become even better and show its excellence to the world. Neapolitan tailoring style differs from the British in many ways. It is very trendy, modern, and stylish, and each garment has an exquisite silhouette. The jackets are usually shorter and tighter, have V-shape. The shoulders are padded, whereas buttons and notches are placed higher than in a British jacket. Unlike British style suits, Italians prefer lighter cloth and less overall padding.


As a client of Pietrocola Bespoke, you can choose from a broad range of the most exceptional fabrics produced in Italy or the United Kingdom.

We have an experienced team and can create a wide range of custom garments to your personal specifications: shirts, suits, coats, blazers, trousers, ties, shoes and leather accessories. All the garments will also be made in Italy or Britain for every individual client.

We strive to achieve the best results and create a sophisticated garment for each customer. Enjoy the luxurious experience of being measured by a professional, while planning and designing unique clothes, shoes or accessories together.