A blazer is usually associated with sports activities or yachting because of its lasting and lightweight structure.

It was historically navy blue, single-breasted, with gold or silver metallic buttons. Blazer fashion has changed a lot since then, and we observe many different varieties now. Mixing and matching it with other items has become more accessible – blazers can be worn with pants, formal trousers and even jeans. You can have it in light-gray or brown shades, and even bolder patterns such as herringbone and tweed. We use only the finest Italian and British fabrics, including silk, cashmere or wool; only you decide which one to choose.

At Pietrocola Bespoke, we create high-quality blazers, and it does not matter where you want to wear it to. Whether it is a formal or casual occasion, we ensure that our tailored blazer will make you stand out from the crowd.

We provide you with all the necessary information and care while creating a one-of-a-kind blazer for you. We offer a vast array of choices; you can have a lightweight blazer or a winter one made of wool, linen or other solid fabrics. With a casual yet stylish look, our bespoke blazers can also be matched with informal outfits. A blazer follows the natural shape of your shoulders. However, you can change any detail in your blazer, such as sleeve length, pockets, buttons and so on.

Our blazers

We create them based on your body type, taste, lifestyle and of course, your measurements and specifications. We are here to assist you with every step during the process and make a unique and sophisticated garment for you.

All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product will vary due to product enhancement.