We can’t imagine a true gentleman without a suit. Some people have it as a day-to-day garment; some use it only for special occasions.

They were the first to make ready-to-wear garments in Naples, which were later delivered to the noblemen and royals. After a short period of decline starting the late 19th century, the Neapolitan Tailoring recreated itself to become even better and show its excellence to the world. Neapolitan tailoring style differs from the British in many ways. It is very trendy, modern, and stylish, and each garment has an exquisite silhouette. The jackets are usually shorter and tighter, have V-shape. The shoulders are padded, whereas buttons and notches are placed higher than in a British jacket. Unlike British style suits, Italians prefer lighter cloth and less overall padding.

But not to worry, our tailors will give you a wise consultation and find out what is best

All the needed adjustments will be made after a couple of fittings. The whole process can take up to 3 months, upon which you will receive your uniquely fitted suit. However, please remember that going through the bespoke procedure is something special; you will become a part of an age-old tradition in male fashion. You will be on the same level as noblemen, royalty and men of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Our suits

If you have a problem finding clothes matching your body type or taste, going bespoke is a perfect opportunity to get something that fits you in absolutely every aspect.

All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product will vary due to product enhancement.