Trousers play an essential role in the silhouette, and we always pay close attention to them. Tailor-made pants offer the best balance between comfort and fit.

Having a bespoke garment will make a positive impact on the way you look. Any tailor would say that the most important thing here is the length. The perfect and standard length goes all the way down to your shoes and slightly touches the top of them without showing the socks. Anything shorter is possible; and very stylish nowadays; however, it is a little bit harder to match with socks and shoes.

You can choose any color; it all depends on your taste and style, but when it comes to fabric, always have a function in mind. The most common choice is wool blended with some lasting fabrics, as it is very elastic.

Other good options are cotton or worsted wool, which is very comfortable and breathable. Such fabrics such as corduroy, tweed and velvet are rarely used.

The next point is whether you want to have belt loops or side tabs – all depending on if a belt will be worn. Then you need to decide on buttons and zips. Will you have them in a dark or light neutral shade or will you have accented buttons? The final choice is between pleats and pockets, they should suit your shape perfectly. Every garment made by Pietrocola Bespoke is an embodiment of style, fashion, elegance and sophistication. Creating the right pair of trousers needs meticulous attention and thought, the most distinguishing feature of high-quality trousers is its thorough and skillful tailoring.

Our trousers

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